Nails IBD Gel Full-set… $50 Fill $35
Bio Seaweed Gel Full-set…SM IL $35 Fill $35
Acrylic Full-set…$30 Fill, $20
UV Powder Get Full-set… $35 Fill $25
Solar White St Pink Gel Fufl-set $40 $30
Acrylic permanent French Tip Full-set…$35 Fill $20 ‘
Mature (with Hot Towels) . $17
French Manicure $18
Shellac Manicure $30
Gentleman’s Manicure $15
Shellac Pedicure $45
Gentlemen’s Pedicure $30
Spa Matte with Paraffin Treatment $26
Spa Pedicure with Paraffin Treatment $40 Ag $85
Palish Change hands $7
Special Pedicure & Manicure $30
* Special Pedicure & Manicure with Shellac $60
German Style Pedicure $25


Pre Eyelash ———————————–$40

Eyelash Extension From —————-$40 to $60

Temporary Eyelasta ———————-$15

Eyelash Tint ———————————-$15

Eyebtowlint ———————————-$12

Complete Make-Up Application —-$50

Partial Make-Up: Eyes & Lips ———$25

Ear Piercing ———————————–$25


14k Gold 12kWhite Gold Palladium Plate

Spa Packages Introducing

The kaWalian $70
Spa manlage, spa pedicure brow and lip wwc,

Tropical Tryst * 70.$
Full legs and bikni pedcure and manicure.
Spirit of Sun shine $80
Full set of gel Mini facial and pedicure

The Bench Cognac Cherry Truffle….$160″
beep clean facial full legs and bikini under arms with full arms
California Effects .$75
Full set eye & make up w pedicure

The Orierttal Delight $50
Mani. & Pedi, with 20 minutes Foot massage

Organic Skin Care

Malinka Raspberry————————-$18 to $48
The natural lift that produces and gives more
toned appearance to the skin.

Our Values

 • We believe In teamwork & satisfying our client's, Beauty needs .
 • Wellness and Well being is our goal
 • Our highly trained staff Is helpful profetsional and welcoming. They will recommend and guide You to a better you
 • We believe that by nourishing every part of the body natural healing. Occurs
 • After treatrnentt.contlnue with our Specialized Homecgre regiments.
 • Mini facials short and Sweet
 • Renew yourself I nourish yourself
 • Our goal is to have you experience new advanced treatments and hove fun too.
 • True Beauty
 • We believe in taking care of ourselves kIsIde and out the out Come Is a healthy body, mind and spirit.
 • Personalized setting
 • We give you quality and diverSity
 • Our vision is to have every parson walk out of Sae Spa & Nails feeling:goad about
 • themselves Inside and out, beryl-41P Gift Ce§lificates Available
 • Appointments are appreciated to ensure ovailabilty.
 • Ensuring a WonderfOl beauty Experience. .
 • We welcome you to discuss openly your likes, dislikes, Concerns or questions with your
 • . estheticiarvbefore wind during treatment
 • Packages ore not interchangeable.'
 • Spa Menu Rejuvenated bY
 • Kimberly and John (owner/operator)
 *Pikes sutziect to change without natio*
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